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H.R. 2474 - Pro Act


This bill amends the National Labor Relations Act and related labor laws to extend protections to union workers. Specifically, it

  • revises the definition of "employee" and "supervisor" to prevent employers from classifying employees as exempt from labor law protections,

  • expands unfair labor practices to include prohibitions against replacement of or discrimination against workers who participate in strikes,

  • makes it an unfair labor practice to require or coerce employees to attend employer meetings designed to discourage union membership,

  • permits workers to participate in collective or class action litigation,

  • allows injunctions against employers engaging in unfair labor practices involving discharge or serious economic harm to an employee,

  • expands penalties for labor law violations, including interference with the National Labor Relations Board or causing serious economic harm to an employee, and

  • allows any person to bring a civil action for harm caused by labor law violations or unfair labor practices.

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